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I've had the pleasure of shooting with Lilith a number of times in both Denmark and Sweden. Very easy to work with and strong modelling skills. She has a very professional attitude, is really good at communicating before a shoot, and generally are just a nice person to be around. She will gladly go the extra mile to get great images (and will outpace any photographer physically ) can pose in cold environment and is in no way shy, even with other people around.


Highly recommended!

Nude art model

What a clever decision !!!

A few months ago I approached Lilith to arrange a 1-2-1 event in my studios in Denmark. I had seen some of her images and thought she would be a good contrast to the other models we have had visiting us, but little did I know that she would THAT good!!!, she swept away the legs on all participating photographers. Some have already rebooked her next the visit!!!!.

She arrived with the most lovely attitude towards her job, with fantastic people management abilities giving all photographers a unique experience no matter what level the photographer was. she is very helpful.

It is obvious that Lilith love her job as a model, she is very skilled within many variations on the nude art theme, whether it be posing on podiums, classical poses in scenes or working in the, she also master strong woman posing used for capturing self confident female sexuality.

I can highly recommend Lilith for workshops for new photographers within the nude art genre and I can definitely recommend Jasmine to more experienced photographers who want a high performance models with great attitude and good stamina.

I can recommend Lilith 100%, don't hesitate, book her before it is too late.

Benny Rytter

Intl. Awarded, published & exhibited 


Fine art nude model


Fashion model


This woman, a woman who doesn't just look good, she is wise too!

What made me hire Lilith once again was especially her engagement in her modeling separating her from many other models that "just" are beautiful and think that is enough. Lilith really gives everything during a shoot and even more, on top of that an intelligent counterpoint and voice to the boxed and normative society we live in today. 

To get the right images with the feeling you are looking for not only is the right light and angle enough, you also need the models full potential, Lilith gives that, period!

Jesper Molin


Lilith and I talked about doing a collaboration for some time and eventually she came to Copenhagen where we had our first shoot. From the very beginning it was very easy and comfortable to work with her. I found that she is very talented, open and creative. She can take direction very well and is also able to contribute with great ideas and poses throughout the process. We have done a few shoots since then and every time the results are fantastic!

Her great energy, confidence and creativity always bring about great results during our shoots. Lilith has a very positive attitude and clear love for her modelling work which makes a really great creative partner and I highly recommend her. 

I look forward to our future collaborations!

Marius Budu

Nude art model

I I was back in my hometown of Gothenburg Sweden and had an idea of shooting far out on an uninhabited island to recreate my childhood imaginations. Lilith was a great sport about the long walk and didn’t even complain at the sunset when the mosquitoes came swarming. We got some great pictures and had a great talk on the way back to the city. She is beautiful, super professional and well understood how to get into the mood of the shoot.


Patrik Andersson

I have had the privilige and pleasure to wirk with Lilith Etch several times over the last years and it has been a pleasure every time. As a model she is very focused, driven and dedicated to creating strong images. She is not shy and can display a vide array of emotions in front of the camera and she is very easy to get along with. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any type of work.

Peter Gaudiano, photographer

Portrait model

I have had the pleasure to work with Lilith Etch at several occasions and in different settings from studio work to stormy rainy cliffs in the archipelago, where she delivers top performance independently. The communication has always been crystal clear both pre and post shoot and hence no room for miss understandings. I can with all my heart recommend working with Lilith.


I had a chance to cooperate with Lilith Etch multiple times. She is one of the best models I have worked with to the day. She is very professional, outgoing, open to communicate about new ideas and happily takes part of the creative process. She is flexible in taking directions, or taking initiative when needed. Lilith Etch is kind and intelligent, and a true pleasure to work with. If you’re serious about your photography projects, she is the model to call.

Zita Marias

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