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Nude art model


Hi there! I am an artist, and modeling is the way I create my art - together with other artists. This is what I do full time, and I travel all around the world for the passion and adventure this is to me.

I feel very proud and privileged to have worked with some absolutely amazing artists in my career, individuals who have helped me develop as an artist myself. Thank you all of you! 


I also work with amateurs and everyone in between and I really enjoy helping photographers to develop in their photography. I have knowledge in composition, light and angles, and I can help photographers find inspiration and understand what their style is. I encounter a lot of "I don't know what I like" in my work - good! I can help you with that.


When it comes to my skills as a model, I have excellent body control and can nail the perfect poses for different themes and styles: the very technical side of modeling. Next to that, I have a great understanding for emotions and roles, and I can take on different roles or dive into emotions very easily. So far, I've never run out of artistic poses on a box; and I have made photographers cry while I've expressed sadness and anger. I work in a lot of different themes and styles, but to sum it up, technical and emotional work is what I really bring to the table.


I have been lucky to have worked with many photographers who send our images in to competitions, and I have a high acceptance rate in many international competitions, and several gold medals as a result. 

I do my own makeup, a professional and natural makeup to shape the face and get good lines. For anything more advanced I work with makeup-artists. 

My body is toned and strong, and I have short very blond hair, sometimes newly done and sometimes with longer dramatic roots. I go with a natural and wild look with natural hair on my body.

As a person I'm social and communicative and easy to work with.

Thank you for reading!


When you book me I will send you a sheet with all the information you need to know, and I need you to know. This is so that our shoot together will be as easy, safe, and enjoyable as possible. 


Up to artistic art nude, no labia showing. For more advanced levels, further communication is required prior to the shoot. 


Gluten intolerance. No other restrictions. 


Clothes: small/36

Shoes: 39

Soon to be updated with precise measurements


Everything we've agreed upon. If you haven't mentioned clothes, I will assume it's a nude art booking. 


I don't give a refund on the deposition (50%), unless you find a photographer (whom I approve of) who can take your time and place. If I cancel I give a full refund, no matter the reason.


Upon request. I take payment through invoice.  


No coffee - no deal. I'm a Swede, we take our coffee quite seriously. 

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