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Jesper Molin contacted me with this new idea for a project he had. He wanted his project to be about female strength, but also masculine fragility, and to start the conversation about gender roles and norms.

For this, he said he wanted me as the main model for the project since he knew from before my modeling (I worked with him during "Yes baby!", an earlier project he had which resulted in an amazing book), and he said: "I love the way you combine your modeling with the fight for women and a great view on nudity, so I want you for this project. Also, I want to call it Jasmine, after you" (my name is Jasmine Lilith).

The exhibition was a huge success with a lot of sold pieces and it was amazing to see a whole exhibition filled with enormous images with me. 

Working with Jesper and the whole talented team has really been amazing. I'm very proud to have been the inspiration and the model for this project.

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