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... to all artists who've decided to use different tools then a camera to create amazing art pieces with me. 

And special thank you to my dear friend Po Andersson, who is the main artist in the gallery below. Po is the very first artist I ever shot erotic art with, and he's been a friend of mine since many years back. To start creating erotic work as a model can be scary, and maybe I would have been somewhere else today, had I not had Po to develop together with. I am a VERY proud owner of several of his art pieces at home: two erotic paintings of myself hanging over my bed (one of them is made from the image above), a custom made vulva necklace that's basically the only jewelry I wear - and I'm waiting to pick up the latest masterpiece: a beautiful grey cast of my own vulva. It will be on display in my home together with the other Po Andersson art pieces. 

Po, thank you for being such an open minded and generous person, and such a good friend.

Would you like to either create erotic art together with Po, or would you like to purchase art from him? This is where you go.

Would you like to see his non-erotic art as well? Go here.

Unfortunately I haven't collected digital images of all the art that has been made of me, and I know there's so many out there, so if you are one of those amazing artists and you'd like to share it with me, send it to

Thank you! ❤️

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