I have a long experience in working with different photographers in a wide range of levels. If you want to

- Create images for your personal projects

- Compete in image competitions 

- Develop as a photographer

- Build up your portfolio


a 1-2-1 is for you. 

My images have a high acceptance rate in competitions, I am a skilled mentor and I have a great emotional understanding of images. I have great body control and work very well with poses and expressions, independently or after directions.

Bunker day!

Studio day concept - but instead of a studio the location will be a totally awesome beach with old bunkers in Denmark.


Don't miss out on this one! I am very familiar to the bunkers and know all the best angles and hidden locations. 

Take me with you!

Are you planning a travel to a fabulous location somewhere in the world and are looking for a model to join you?  

I offer package deals with discounts for travels longer than two days.


Are you a photography club with a focus on developing? 

Are you planning an event with focus on teaching and communication?

Are you an individual who simply wants to learn more about model photography?

Workshop model

I am skilled in communication, and can variate between working independently with poses and taking precise directions; I am easy to work with and make participants feel good with me - I'm happy to take on workshops or model share jobs. I am picky though, so if you want to book me for a workshop/model share, give me all details in first contact.

Model mentoring

Do you want to develop as an art model? 

Book me as a mentor and I will help you with posing techniques and how to work with emotions. We will talk about dos and don'ts as a model, and what to expect from photographers. Furthermore I will give you an insight in the model business.

I can accompany you on your next photo session where I will mentor you, or you can book me for a casual meeting over a coffee.

Let me know what you want

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