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I have a long experience in working with different photographers in a wide range of levels. If you want to

- Create images for your personal projects

- Compete in image competitions 

- Develop as a photographer

- Build up your portfolio


a 1-2-1 is for you. 

My images have a high acceptance rate in competitions, I am a skilled mentor and I have a great emotional understanding of images. I also have excellent body control and work very well with poses and expressions, independently or after directions.

Let's just create art together!

Lilith Etch

Emotional Therapeutic Shoot

Do you have something you just can't get out? 

A lot of the people I meet while traveling, are struggling with emotional baggage that they don't have an outlet for, or don't know what do do with. For many, it's a long way between recognizing that there are some challenging emotions there - to allowing oneself to feel them, express them and accept them. 

A couple of years back, I was booked by a photographer who wanted me to portrait the emotions they couldn't allow themselves to feel. "I know that somewhere along the way I'll get to the point where I can allow my emotions to surface, but this is a first step for me. So I'm asking you to express all those emotions I can't feel, but know are there."

The session:

We sit down, talk through what story you have, or what emotions you want to see me go through. You can bring prepared songs if you want to. When you feel ready we shoot. During the shoot you're welcome to show, feel, let go of, any emotions that surfaces - or to stay silent behind the camera, it will be a safe space to just be whoever you are in that moment. After the shoot we sit down again and talk through the experience, and land.


Are you a photography club with an interest in developing? 

Are you planning an event with focus on teaching and communication?

Are you an individual who simply wants to learn more about model photography?


My lectures cover what the life of a traveling model looks like, how to understand the models perspective during a shoot, how to work with beginners as well as will professionals, and valuable tips and tricks.

The lecture will be tailored after what suits the audience best, and can be held in wither English or Swedish.

Lilith Etch

Take me with you!

Are you planning a travel to a fabulous location somewhere in the world and are looking for a model to join you?  

I offer package deals with discounts for travels longer than three days.

Lilith Etch

Emotional workshop

Have you gotten tired of "pretty pictures", or do you already know your passion is in portraits/pictures that give a strong emotional respons in the viewer? Or maybe you're just curios to try out something different? 

My workshop will guide you through what you as a photographer can do to create the atmosphere where a model can go into this space where pictures go from technical to emotional. We'll talk about dos and don'ts, and you'll get to chose scenarios and emotions that I as a model will go through - so you also can come home with a whole new category of images on your memory card. 

Lilith Etch

Workshop model

I am skilled in communication, and can variate between working independently with poses and taking precise directions; I am easy to work with, make participants feel good with me and have gotten very good reviews afterwards by several workshop organisers. I'm happy to take on workshops or model share jobs. I am picky though, so if you want to book me for a workshop/model share, give me all details in first contact.

Model mentoring

Do you want to develop as an art model? 

Book me as a mentor and I will help you with posing techniques and how to work with emotions. We will talk about dos and don'ts as a model, and what to expect from photographers.

Or maybe you want an insight on how to handle this business? What T&C can I ask, what attitude towards pictures? How do I protect myself? How do I travel, book, sort, do admin, logistics, run my company? 

I can accompany you on your next photo session where I will mentor you, or you can book me for a casual meeting over a coffee, or zoom.

Lilith Etch

Would you like to give me a gift? 

The way I choose to live my life, in alignment with inner work, art and love, is not always as aligned with our capitalist society. My aim, my dream, is to only create the art that I really want to create, to only give the gifts I really want to give, and to change the world with love and presence

If you want to support me in this, then your gift would mean the world. Either via PayPal:

Or via my crowdfunding.

Thank you.

Share your thoughts.

Lilith Etch
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