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Coaching for anyone curious about exploring polyamory, or for anyone who wants to continue down the polyamorous road.

Have you started to think about opening up your relationship? Have you felt love for more than one person at once? Do you have a vague feeling of that there could be more, or a certain feeling that expression of sex and love shouldn't be limited to one partner? Do you already live polyamorously, but struggle to balance your life, or maybe everything is already perfect but you want to do a proactive check-up? Or maybe you're just curious?


Send me a message below to book your first session.

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Thank you! Talk soon.

Bitar av choklad

I have been interested in relationships, communication and emotions since as long as I can remember. Since 2015 I've been exploring how to freely relate to other people. Is it really possible to have sexual and romantic relationships with more than one person? In an ethical and responsible way? It turns out that, yes, it is.

Finding my way of freely relating to other people has been the most important journey of my life. I can live the open, communicative and beautiful polyamorous life of my dreams. 

I help people to take conscious decisions about how they relate to others in a romantic, sexual, social and structural way. I help them listen to their inner voice and to their own emotions, and to navigate all the thoughts and feelings that surface when one opens up to the idea of something different.

I started coaching because I have given advice my whole life, and I have realised everyone has their own answers. Sometimes, however, they need some help finding them.

- Lilith

Sessions are sold in packages of 1, 5 or 10.

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