I LOVE GIFTS. Easy as that. Are gifts your way of showing appreciation? Then here's my wish list below ❤️

Send an email to lilithetch@gmail.com with subject "Gift to Lilith!" to get the address! 

The links are just suggestions to where you might buy them!

PayPal: For supporting my art and my life style: lilithetch@gmail.com 


CitiZ Cherry Red Coffee Machine - I've wanted this for such a long time!!

Shit loads of different coffee (only coffee, no milk) capsules for the Nespresso!  Note: it's the ORIGINAL brand that goes with the machine, NOT Vertuo) - coffee coffee coffee!!

A hiking espresso maker - I know this is sooo silly and fancy but this would be absolute luxury on the trail!


Duplex tent - if you seriously - like seriously - want to give me what I want most in the world, then it's this. I need nothing else in the world. ❤️

A tiny book lamp to pinch to the book pages I can take with me when I hike! 

A food thermos - and it needs to be a damn good one! 

A thing for drying your own food.

STANLEY the legenadry classic bottle 1,9 L green - YES! I have wanted this for so long!  

The cup to the right ! 


Houdini Power Houdi Blue Illusion Size S - this is a gift I've wished for for maybe 6 years..? Maybe one day <3 

Icebreaker Merino Wool Women Oasis Half Zip XS - in black, grey, dark green, dark blue, orange, or blue! 

Woolen socks! Yes, I do wish for socks ^^. Size 39+ - and 100% wool!

Harem pants. Just more and more Harem pants. My colors are orange, dark and olive green, yellow, black, white and grey. Sometimes dark blue.

Kérastace Faux-Blonde Care Shampoo - the one and only shampoo I need to stay blonde

Kérastace Faux-Blonde Care Conditioner - the one and only conditioner I need to stay blonde

Kérastace Masque Cicaextreme - and THIS inpack, this is a LIFE SAVER. 

Insence sticks - Sandalwood, White Sage and Lavender - this is what keeps me calm and feeling like home. 


A professional and exclusive tantra/yoni massage, either in Gothenburg, Malmo or Copenhagen, or Stockholm.

Tickets to festivals or courses at Ängsbacka - this is a dream come true!!! The ones I want to go to are: 
Festivals: Sacred Womb, Sexability, Tantra Week, No Mind Week
Courses: Pink Tantra, Tantra - Pleasure & Healing, Deep Union - Couples Tantra, Inner Freedom Process, Soul Dance

(yes, I read in Swedish. I travel so much so reading in Swedish makes me feel home wherever I am in the world)

Fiction (and I don't know what they're about because I never read the back cover before I rerad the book):

"Parfymen", by Partick Süskind - I've gotten this recommended many times!

"Fore dig" by Lucie Whitehouse - I never read scary books but for some reason I want to read this one. So maybe I should have it together with a box of chocolate?

"Mordarens apa" by Jakob Wegelius - another recommendation! 

Learn something:

"Reload" by Henrik Fexeus and Catharina Enblad - because I need to learn how to reload. I'm not great at taking breaks...

"En enkel bok mindfulness" by Sara Starkstrom - same here, and I think this book and the one above will be good for me to read.

"Det goda aldrandet" by Widsell & Tristen - because I am more and more interested to read about aging, since that is something I want to look at from a scinetific perspective instead of from a social and shaming one.

"Ditt fertila liv" by Widsell & Tristen - same here! I want to understand my body and this one is more about my body as a XX/woman and how the hormones change. This is something I've felt as well since I turned 26 and I got really upset noone had prepared me for feeling change. So now I will prepare myself for the rest of my life. 

THE SEXY STUFF - link to window!

That's it for now! Wiie!
- Lilith