Workshops and model shares 

  • I work with a maximum of 6 photographers (including the workshop organizer) during a set. For any additional photographers, my rates go up.

  • I only work with one photographer at the time. 

  • I do not accept any behind the scene shots or films to be taken during the workshop/model share

  • The organizer is responsible to keep the group together and not have anyone wandering around in the studio/on the location.

  • The participants of the workshop are not obliged to send me images afterwards.

I aslo suggest he organizer puts up screens so there’s a private place for me and the photographer I’m working with, where the other photographers can't see me. This is not necessary, but it has shown to increase the quality of my 1-2-1 with the participants, as well as the safety for me as a model.


Group shoots

  • I do not take group shoot bookings.


Let me know if you have any questions. 

Totally to brag, I've been called "the best workshop model" several times from workshop organizers. Just as a casual note.